17-18 September 2024
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Australia’s first premier
AI + Robotics technology showcase
The FAIR will open the door to collaborating on critical and
innovative technology solutions and ideas to solve today’s major issues
and challenges. The emphasis will be on how these technologies
can be leveraged to assist upscale businesses now, whilst preserving
and promoting responsible and ethical practices, and having an
understanding about the risk, compliance and
legislation in technology adoption.

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What’s on
at the FAIR?
SMEs, industry, academic, and government stakeholders along with investors, venture capitalists, and startups meet at the FAIR to discover today’s opportunities in an immersive, educational experience.

The technology showcase offers services, solutions, products, and advice to foster collaboration and innovation, with keynote speakers, panel discussions, technology demonstrations, workshops, and executive roundtables, igniting transformation and excitement about today’s technology potential.

“Connecting Today's Leaders with Tomorrow's Engineers" facilitates interactions between business leaders and budding technologists while the networking Cocktail Evening promotes deeper conversations and strategic engagement. Meet technology thought leaders at the FAIR Book Lounge and get signed copies of their insightful books!

A transformative event awaits!
Delivering an immersive,
engaging, learning and
connecting experience
Why do
we need
The FAIR is a groundbreaking event uniting all technologies under one roof for the first time. Collaboratively discussing ethical and responsible tech use, considering risk, compliance, and legislation, experiencing the array of possibilities for today’s SME adoption, delivering a holistic approach to Australia's tech strategy, will result in a collaborative outcome to position Australia as a global tech leader.

Amidst countless fragmented tech events causing information overload, the FAIR demystifies current tech, empowering businesses with the knowledge and the tools to thrive and progress now by harnessing the tech available today.

A White Paper will result from the FAIR’s discussions, guiding imminent policy reform, emphasising economic prosperity and sustainability, and positioning Australia as a leading tech adopter.
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